Catherine Heaps | Project - Spring 2014
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Project - Spring 2014

March 17, 2014  •  4 Comments


A lot of Photographers have their own little projects on the go, something that says more about them personally.  

This is true of myself too.  So every now and again I will do a small project.  This helps with creativity and practicing technique can help you when it comes to doing shoots I do for clients. 

This project of work will be a learning curve, as I have to get so many elements right.  Light is the key to making this idea become a reality in print. I hope I'll do it the correct way and will learn something from it.


Project : Fairies
First Photographer : Catherine Heaps
Second Photographer : Louise Powell
MAU : Sophie Williams
Location : Arcall Wood, Shropshire
Model : Aimee 10 years of age
Inspiration : Tinkerbell


Sample shots from Location


Above, I have been able to demonstrate how you can use pictures taken else where to add as an effect on the look of the image I am trying to achieve in the thumbnail.  Flowers growing out in the open and amongst trees at Benthall Hall were a great foreground to add to this image.  Sometimes locations aren't 100% perfect, so a few tweaks here and there and you get the desired look.  I'm sure there are plenty more locations out there that would be ideal and practice makes perfect, so the more I do of these the more places I will discover. 

I have done a few shoots that contain the same model many times, some areas of the forest are so open, I could include Aimee in the image 3 or 4 times by blending them together.  Other areas as nice and compact and can look very theatrical.  Some editing and a few tweaks on the camera to set the exposures correctly will be need though. 

There was even a little dream catcher inside one of the trees I just had to take a pic of it.  Might even incorporate it in to my finish image. 


Make Up & Outfits 

I have the luxury of working with a great Make-up Artist Sophie Williams who will transform Aimee in to a fairy/snow white/angel. 

These images (taken by some fantastic photographers) helped me visualise the light, composition and effect the finish Image will need.  Light can be added later if required so its important that you concentrate of achieving a well exposed shot over everything else.  Not all photographers use Photoshop the way I do and its each to their own. 


We are almost at the point of organising a date for the shoot, the weather is a bit more reliable and we already have the Easter Break earmarked for the date. 

I'll keep you posted with progression, discovery and the shoot. Thanks for stopping by.  If you have any suggestions please feel free to open up discussions by replying to this post.  


Catherine Heaps
i like the idea of pulling a few images together to create a finished look I am after. I want to demonstrate that it is possible to work with several images to create 1 finish picture. I have taken the photos to show where the location of the shoot will be. I’m hoping that I will be able to strap my speed light to a long pole and my side kick can hold it over Aimee. Its quite interesting that by putting the foreground flowers in to the scene, it actually looks like I am quite a way away from the fallen tree. however as you can see in the original I’m actually fairly close. So adding the flowers as changed the perspective of the image already.
Just my thoughts - can be taken with a pinch of salt :@) just ideas for playing with the photography process.

Using photoshop to get the desired images is just personal preference. I don't see anything wrong so long as it's not wildlife photography. I think I have mentioned the work of Steven le Provost before. He combines many different photographs to create one image. I tend not to do this because I haven't the patience to sit in front of a computer for too long. I also enjoy messing about while taking the photograph. I don't know whether your intention is to use the photos in your blog as a background and put Aimee in there either using PS or at the time of the shoot. Nothing wrong with either. I think that the same compositional ideas need to be observed whether using PS or otherwise. I won't use the word rules as rules are meant to be broken. So long as you know the rules you know why you want to break them and that is OK. Compositional rules should be called guidelines. What will make those photographs is somewhere for the eye to settle on, a focal point if you will. A person would be good, which is what I think you have planned. If you have problems with lighting a subject artistically in a dark wood, you could use a Speedlight for example to light the subject, you can balance the ambient light to give the effect you desire dark(er), light(er) or balanced background. It's up to you. If you can soften the light from the flash all the better. An umbrella for example. You may not need the flash if the light is good.

Forgive me if these are ideas you already have or want to ignore.
Catherine Heaps
Thanks Patrick. I hope for some constructive advice if nothing else.
Nice work so far. As it is your personal project you don't need to worry about what other people think about the idea or technical approach. So long as you like it is all that counts.
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