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My trip to Paris

March 24, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I've been with my partner Mark for 5 years now.  Every year we were supposed to go to Paris, but we just didn't find the right time.  We finally made it for my Birthday in November so was super excited about meeting the beautiful city.

If you ever go to Paris (which I highly recommend) photograph opportunities are a plenty. Day time and night time can be equally exciting.  I only took my Nikon D600 and 24-70mm Nikon lens on most days but brought my wide angle 10-20mm sigma lens and macro lens just in case.   

Travel on foot as well as doing the tour buses, both are very rewarding and it allows to to move around the city efficiently. Don't weigh yourself down with too much equipment, you'll be walking a lot and it will start to feel heavy very quickly.  You are also less conspicuous if you only have a camera that can be tucked away when moving in crowds. 

We headed towards the night lights when we first arrived and walked in the grounds of The Louvre Museum. This picture shows a lady walking home from shopping or a busy day at the office.  

We came across the German Market which apparently have been here since the late middle ages. I wanted to take pics of every stall when we got there, but just managed to capture images of the displays they had put on as they were so interesting, here are a few - 

We drank Mulled wine (Glühwein - It is the traditional beverage offered during the Christmas holidays and is usually prepared from red wine, heated and spiced with cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods, cloves, citrus and sugar) and snacked on Beignets (known as churros a fried dough pastry) then we ran out of steam (probably a little tipsy). However I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower which was in view and headed off towards it. It shone a beautiful gold colour and lit up the cloudy sky behind it.  I didn't have a tripod with me so used the river bank walls to balance the camera on. I only carried my 24-70mm Nikkon lens. The shutter was very slow because I wanted to keep my ISO as close to best quality that I could get.

This was as close as we got for this walk so we headed back towards the German Market.  There is some stunning architecture around, these lights compliment this bridge (Passerelle Debilly) so well and make it almost magical looking. 

We also took a stroll down past the designer shops. The window displays were amazing. There were attendants on every door and I'm sure they would have treated us like royalty had we gone in. It was fairly late and the long journey had finally hit us so we headed on back to the hotel. 

The next day we set out really early. The Louve etc was right on our doorstep and I wanted to capture some images before the crowd gathered outside. In terms of cityscapes my skills are limited.  I wasn't very pleased with the photos I produced of The Louvre but am glad I attempted them and will work on this side of my skills. 


There was an exhibition on at the time and we took full advantage of it. I'd never photographed anything like this before, but I loved the light, the architecture and history.   Although the subjects look very well lit, it was still quite difficult shoot them.  I kept my shutter fairly fast as I didn't (or couldn't) use a tripod. No flash was needed as they had their own spot lights.  The Dof is quite shallow to allow for a better exposure and the ISO was around ISO 640. 

You could literally spend an entire week there and still not take photos of everything that amazes and inspires you.  Be brave and take lots of photos (where permitted) and you could put a photo book together yourself. The public areas were as interesting as Napoleon's House pictures below amongst the food hall and spiral stair case.

My fave image was of the ceiling....yes the ceiling.  Great abstract and quite uniform which is right up my street.

The trip on the bus was great fun. If you've never been on a tour bus then you should try it. You have recorded Commentary in a choice of Languages, its stops at all the main attractions and you can jump on and off as much as you like.  We went on to the Eiffel Tower again so I could see it during the day.  I managed to get some nice abstracts as well as the full tower that I was pleased with.  We went to the Notre Dame it was very beautiful and calming and we also spotted a rather amazing bridge or Passerelle des Arts (Love Lock Bridge) which over looks the Seine River. 

We really enjoyed the trip and will have to return as there was so much that we didn't have time to see.  I have quite a few more images than what I have put on my blog but wanted to share some with you, I hope I have inspired you. Enjoy your trip to paris and share your images also, so as to inspire me for when I return. 




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